Sunday, September 24, 2017

Open Studio, September 16 -- Part 2

Making the Scene at
My Open Studio
A few dozen friends and family gathered on a September Saturday for an Open Studio event at the live/work space of artist, Carol Markel. On display were her unique, 20s-style hats, hand-painted one-off dresses and her brightly lacquered necklaces.

The event, "It's Often Cloudy in Deauville," was themed to evoke the 20s and 30s in the seaside town of Deauville, France, and other posh beach scenes as recorded by the French photographers, the Séeberger brothers.
Artist, Ashley, one of my talented guests.
She made her charming dress.
She is also a top-notch baker.
Clothing designer, Martina.
 Valerie, of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas.
 Valerie and Jean, the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, who
were named 2017 Today Show Style Heroes.
 Holding Polly, my niece, Sarah with
my sister, Jeanne and nephew, Jack.
 Admiring Jean's I-Phone case.
 Artist, Damon Zucconi
Tecla, Barbara and Jeanne.
Orange and blue is the new color combo.

Many thanks to photographer, Denton Taylor
 for the above photographs.

Jeanne and Polly peek while
Sarah models "Bathing Cap."
Actress Roya Shanks is
known for her extensive vintage clothing
collection. She is also the hostess at The
Odeon, a great restaurant in Manhattan.
Roya and her husband, Aaron Bender
 Artist, Sue Kreitzman, wearing a 
robe adorned with a Chris Ofili tea towel speaks
with my sister, Susan.
 Elizabeth Weiss, Richard's student when he
taught at Tyler School of Art, paid him a visit.
 Teresa Taylor
 Elke Kuhn with a
Carol Markel necklace.
 Marja Sansom.
Dayle, Artful City Style, 
wearing her Carol Markel necklace
"Le Boom-Boom."
Elizabeth Kent with
her friend, Patricia.

À Bientôt!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Open Studio, September 2017 - Part One

At My Open Studio,
Festivities and Fun
It was time. Time to roll out the things I've been working on for the past three years. So I scheduled an Open Studio and invited friends. They showed up last Saturday to view the work, partake of refreshments and socialize with fashionistas.

I was on a dressmaking kick. I don't have access to a silk screen press, so I figured out a way to print on fabric with a silk-screen look. I air-brushed textile paint on fabric, using a tape-off technique to create the shape. I like the results -- they are like abstract paintings one can wear.
I am posing in the studio of photographer, Terry Niefield.
The studio is ready for guests.
Hats, dresses and beads make up the collection
which I call "It is often cloudy in Deauville".
A huge Thank You to my sisters, Jeanne (on left) and
Sue who helped me with the event.
I could not have done it without them.
My brother, David, could not come because he
was performing a song at a North Fork Theater event.
A huge thank you to him, for his love and support.
 Me gazing at my niece, Sarah Wedge, who wears
a hand-painted straw called "Bathing Cap".
Even Sarah's dog, Polly, wore beads,
although it looks like they are weighing her down a bit.
 Fall flowers with the green dress.
 Jeanne brought sweets from La Tulipe, a
French Patisserie.
 My display of necklaces.
I used copies of photos by the Séeberger Brothers
from the book "Elegance," in keeping with my theme
of  the French seaside in the 30s.
 I hand-colored the photographs.

The Hat Shop in a Box.
A selection of hats from my collection.
I used circles which remind of scoops of
ice cream like I saw in Nice.
Names: Vanille, Bluette, Tutti Fruitti, Apricot.
Decor. My grandmother made the Lily of the Valley
vase, the hat is from my bridal collection for my
millinery class, and the drawing is by me.
Lavande and Bathing Cap
Marianne Bleu and Marianne Rouge
My hang tags.

Ashley wearing "Wild Garden".

Next installment of Open Studio --
Guests Living it Up!

À bien tôt!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Wednesday, June 28

That Jazzy Age...
At The Cooper Hewitt
This past Wednesday dawned as a glorious summer day just in time for my latest Wednesday foray. Joining me was Elke Kuhn, textile expert and wearer of costumes assembled with panache and creativity.

Our destination was The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum on the Upper East Side of Manhattan home to spotless brownstones, gleaming apartment buildings, lavish window boxes, and posh matrons in expensive duds.

The six train took me to 96th Street and Lexington Avenue and upon my debarkation I had a nice walk to 5th Avenue and 91st Street. All the better to see the sights of the Upper East Side, so different from my messy Lower East Side neighborhood.
 Well-groomed canines 
await their dog walker's call to action.
 Preppy ladies
 Curated Window Boxes
 The Begonia is the border flower of choice.
 Doormen of the Upper East Side.
 Apartment buildings with gleaming brass
accoutrements and clean sidewalks.
My destination:
The Jazz Age:
American Style in the 1920s.
 Elke wore an outfit in tones
of gold, silver and ivory.
 She posed in front of a magnificent
art nouveau screen.
Her flower-shaped hat attracted
scads of compliments all
afternoon long.
 I went for color with my Sonia Delaunay
silk tunic, necklace of my own design
and hat from La Cerise sur Le Chapeau
in Paris.
I am standing in front of Robert Delaunay's
painting of the Eiffel Tower.
 We arrived in time for a docent-led tour.
"Blues" by Archibald Motley typifies the music
and the movement of the 1920s.
An evening dress and underslip in blue
silk chiffon with applied blue ombre silk fringe
by Coco Chanel. 
The 1920s is my favorite fashion period.
A cloche hat of my own design echos the
1920s moment in fashion design.
Step lively and click your heels with this poster by AM Cassandre. 
The exhibit covers design, decorative art, jewelry,
fashion and architecture.
An art deco brooch.
Droopy loopy garlands.
A textile design on cotton and linen by
Raoul Dufy. His woodcuts were suited to
textile patterning.
Skyscrapers were a novelty of the time.
Designers put them on desks.
Models for Marmon automobiles.
A daybed  from the 30s.
Elke and I loved this purse with its
illustration reminiscent of The Little Prince.
 My kind of object. A hanging by
an Italian Futurist.
 I never met a hatbox I didn't like.
Do dive with me now
The blue-green sea beckons
I wear a striped suit
 Exit through the gift shop.
Elke tried on a statement necklace.

À Bientôt!